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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with The Oaks Club

A jewel on Florida's peaceful Sun Coast close to downtown Sarasota, The Oaks Club is the embodiment of beauty and vitality. This private, member-owned country club offers the finest of amenities. The most attractive feature of The Oaks Club, however, is its celebrated social calendar and community life. Members come from all over the United States and throughout the world to reside in one of three gated communities. This diverse Club is ideal for those seeking the finest location, an enviable lifestyle, and exceptional, sustainable value. Our employee enjoy competitive salaries, excellent benefits, free meals, and use of our Golf and Tennis Facilities. Our Vision and Core Values are as follows:

The Oaks Club Vision Statement

"The Oaks Club will be the private country club of choice in the Sarasota area. The Club will provide an exceptional experience for golf, tennis, and other desired recreational activities, and will maintain the highest standards for a variety of dining services, social, and family programs."

The Oaks Club Service Statement

"S.P.I.R.I.T. - Our Journey Towards Excellence"

The Oaks Club Core Values

SERVICE: "Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone. What does that mean for us at The Oaks Club? "To be of service" not only means anticipating and exceeding our members' needs but it also means helping each other."

PROFESSIONAL: "What are the attributes that define a true professional, no matter what the job may be? Professionals are passionately committed to high ethical standards, courteous in both word and action, humble and generous in their praise of others, and trustworthy and reliable in all their dealings."

IMAGINATION: "Our imagination allows us to think creatively and envision new original ideas and new possibilities. It is up to each of us to think outside the box, think of new ideas, and always be looking for a better way of doing things that will continue to make The Oaks Club a truly unique place to live and work."

RESPECT: "Respect is defined as showing regard and appreciation for the worth of someone or something. To be sincerely courteous, polite, and considerate toward our members and our co-workers by honoring their ideas, differences, beliefs, and customs, we demonstrate not only respect for them, but more importantly, for ourselves as well."

INTEGRITY: "Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. At The Oaks Club, integrity is what drives our decisions and all interactions with members, staff, guests, and vendors."

TEAMWORK: "Striving together toward a common goal is the foundation of teamwork, but how do we get there? Effective teamwork requires believing in the vision, open and honest communication, respect for each other, maintaining a positive attitude, and a passion to assist. If we continue to work as a team, we can achieve anything."