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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with MetWest Terra Hospitality

The mission of MetWest Terra Hospitality is to provide evolutionary service and sustainable resources to the hospitality industry. We operate unique luxury hotels while providing our employees with mutually valued relationships enhanced by our commitment to creating extraordinary environments.

For our employees, we offer an environment that allows for individual development and opportunities to make an impact on each other the guest experience, and our environment.

For our guests, we create an environment based upon friendly, thoughtful and knowledgeable service aimed at creating unparalleled, indigenous and impactful memories.

For our business partners, we provide an environment of ethical, responsible and experienced leadership aimed at superior return on investment, and long term financial sustainability.

At MetWest Terra Hospitality, we look at every resource we have and preserve it for tomorrow. While most companies emphasize the "Three Ps" philosophy (People, Product and Profit), we look at our business model with a strong focus on the "Four P" philosophy (People, Product, Profit and Planet). This philosophy ensures that our efforts to recruit and train the best caliber of employees, to provide impactful and meaningful services and products, and to ensure our strong focus on the financial sustainability of our hotels are all balanced against making the smallest environmental footprint possible.