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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with LBA Hospitality

There's a difference in our properties and in our people. You notice it when you walk into any LBA-managed hotel. For guests, it's a better place to be. Warmer. More welcoming. More comfortable. For associates, it's a better place to work - a place where performance finds opportunity. For owners and investors, it's a better place to build long-term value. See what makes us different. You'll see what makes us better. You'll see why we stand out.

Some people will tell you that one hotel is about the same as any other. In terms of bricks and mortar, they might have a point. But they're missing something far more important.

There's a real difference in LBA-managed hotels. There's a higher degree of individual and team morale achieved by simply respecting our associates and empowering them to realize their potential.

We know what it takes to envision, design, construct and finish out today's high-performance hotels. As managers, we know how to bring properties to their highest level of performance and keep them there year after year.

You can see our successes throughout the Southeast. Leading brand properties, with a difference. Inside every LBA-managed property, you'll find people who are empowered by a clear and compelling ideal of service that is the core of our company.

At LBA, you really feel like you're appreciated for who you are and what you contribute. Anybody can have an idea. Anyone can make a difference. And, beginning with Larry Blumberg, this company encourages that.

At LBA, service has hundreds of names and faces. So does success. Because LBA believes in the people who are the difference in our hotels. That's why we empower every associate to serve every guest better, every day.