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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with Eaton Workshop

Evolution of Hospitality
Eaton Workshop is a new global brand merging hospitality with progressive social change. Launching in early 2018, it will bring to the international market a hybrid model of a hotel and co-working members club, with an extensive content and programming agenda underscoring its core advocacy values. As the first brand of its kind to serve as a gathering place for an inclusive tribe of changemakers and creatives, Eaton Workshop consists of distinct parts - Hotel, House, Media, and Wellness - that together form an ecosystem based on a pro-social, proactive ethos.

A digital content platform addressing urgent and artistic themes will unite all locations, while each Eaton Workshop property will offer the physical resources of a hotel, modern day social working club, radio station, cinema, wellness center, restaurants and bars, retail, art gallery, event spaces, and more. Through these elements, Eaton Workshop aims to bring together activists and artists from around the world to instigate meaningful and positive impact on both a local and macro scale.

Eaton Brand Vision
Eaton is about transcending traditional hospitality. Eaton paves the way for the next stage between hospitality and human progress. Eaton provides optimal conditions for the thriving, growth, and nurturing of forward-thinking individuals and communities.

Eaton is a transformative, disruptive, radical brand. With so much changing today from a cultural, social, technological, and business perspective, Eaton is a brand that aims to meet the needs of the changing world in breakthrough, progressive ways.

Eaton is committed to maintaining the integrity of history, heritage, the analog and tactile. Eaton is about bridging past, present, and future; with a tremendous respect and nostalgia for the way certain things used to be.

Eaton is a space where self-actualization can happen for dreamers and doers. Eaton is for today's trail blazer who wants to follow their bliss. It is home and journey for today's hero. It is a meeting place for the new "Global Tribe".

Eaton will be fully committed to these values in its design, aesthetic, offerings, operations, and guest experience: integrity, creativity, cultural movement & tribe, entrepreneurial spirit, and social & environmental good.

Eaton is aligned with a profound global shift in the ways the world's most progressive people are living, creating, working, playing, moving, and communing. Eaton aims to be a disruptive brand in hospitality.