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Explore an exciting career in hospitality with Bridgeton Holdings

Bridgeton Holdings has become one of America's most successful hotel management companies in recent years primarily through its proven strategies that strengthen efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the revenue and profitability of its properties. The centerpiece of Bridgeton's strategy is a focus on the guest experience - and to that end, hiring talented, service-minded employees is of the highest importance.

Typically, a Bridgeton hotel compares favorably to those of competitors in that it features amenities either at or beyond the industry standard. Its hotels' most important amenity is its prompt, respectful, and all-encompassing level of service, which has been shown to attract and retain repeat customers. Bridgeton believes that cutting corners in regard to service ultimately harms its properties in the long run, and as such strives to maintain a positive guest experience at all times. In turn, Bridgeton seeks to hire employees who enjoy and hope to take advantage of the opportunity to work at a fast-growing, nationwide management company, but who fundamentally understand that the key to success in the hospitality industry begins and ends with treating guests with the utmost care, punctuality, and respect.

It is the policy of Bridgeton Holdings to afford equal opportunity of employment to all qualified individuals regardless of age, creed, color, disability, martial status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status.